• Pendant - DA36

Pendant - DA36

Datolite Wrapped in Copper 

2" (including a .5" bail) x .25" x 2" / 36 grams

Datolite is a borosilicate mineral whose most common occurrence is in vesicles of basaltic lavas; also present in some hydrothermal veins. In Michigan, datolite occurs only in the native copper deposits and their host rocks in the Northern Peninsula. It is present in most of the amygdaloids, especially in brecciated amygdaloidal lodes, including those found in the Pewabic, Osceola, Isle Royale, and Evergreen Mines. This green specimen is translucent. Locality: Osceola Mine, Houghton County, Michigan.

Leather Cord Included

Hand Wrapped in Copper Wire by Bo Cotter, co-owner of Michigan Rocks & Minerals