About us

Welcome to my website. My name is Cory Cotter, an educator-entrepreneur, founder of Michigan Rocks & Minerals. I sell museum-quality specimens from around the world, specializing in Michigan Rocks & Minerals. I sell quality, not quantity. I have published several articles, including a Little Big History of Amethyst Geodes, written during the course of my studies at the University of Michigan. A link to that article can be found on my amethyst page: Learn more about Amethyst Geodes. I also have graduate degrees from the universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and Virginia, where I wrote my doctoral dissertation. I conducted most of my archival research in Europe, studying at both Oxford and Cambridge before being awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to the Netherlands and a Scalier Scholarship at the Dutch University of Leiden. I have taught at a number of different institutions, both secondary post-secondary, in several different states for much of the past decade. I currently spend most of my time developing my business, whilst continuing with my scholarship, e.g., a case study of Sir John Webster, an English merchant who operated a global trading network out of Amsterdam during the 17th century. Webster made his fortune as a coffee merchant. He made enough money to trade in rubies; the focus of my current research – a global project that connects history with rocks & minerals. 

Cory Cotter, PhD cory.cotter@icloud.com